SPG Tech: Experts in the test Bench

Test bench

The primary objective of a test bench is to simulate the working condition of testing equipment. To achieve the desired conditions, optimum mechanical and hydraulic design is required alongside PLC operating electric control system and SCADA monitoring and data capturing software . Test benches verify theories, devices and technologies with rigor, transparency and as many times as deemed necessary.

SPG Tech provides comprehensive design of the various test benches that can be utilized within different industry sectors.

Automating tests is used to:

  • Reduce repetitive manual tasks – therefore saving time
  • Limit Errors
  • Increase test coverage
  • Reduce validation cycle
  • Increase productivity
  • Save money
  • All instruments on the test bench are calibrated and located in one place
  • Beneficial unit to have for staff training purposes
  • Improves facility cleanliness, organisation, and presentation.
  • Allows for accountability of test equipment by being mounted in the panel
  • Assurance of a quality product – when a product is tested in real time, there is a guarantee of increased product quality

SPG Tech Test Benches

SPG Tech provides products and solutions perfectly meeting the needs of its customers by providing the highest quality user experience and high-quality test benches. Experts in the automation field by offering fully customized hydraulic test benches; specialising in cylinder, hydraulic motor pump, and spindle-end drive test benches, as well as automatic transmission test benches.

SPG Tech designs, manufactures control panels, test internally using PLC and SCADA allowing complete control of the solution offerings.

Each test bench is unique to correspond as closely as possible to the requirements of the customer’s product, industry and expected performance. The simplicity of readability of the test reports, test bench ergonomics, protection of operators and repeatability of tests are the criteria of significant importance in the development of the test benches.

SCADA Software

SCADA is the system that allows operators to interact with test benches with ease. With fully automated control of test operations and possibility to monitor the machine performance through real-time calculated indicators and analyze the results obtained.

SCADA provides:

  • Simple configuration
  • Accuracy of measurement & analysis
  • Traceability of operations
  • Access management

What SPG offers

  • Analysis of requirements and standards
  • Manufactured control panels
  • PLC & SCADA software
  • Definition of specifications
  • Complete, efficient and innovative technical solution
  • On-site installation, commissioning and user-training
  • Maintenance and calibration services for your equipment