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SPG Green Energy in association with RENS offers an active energy storage system that is a versatile, cost-effective alternative to traditional batteries. It can be used in a variety of applications, including residential, commercial, and industrial. 

Its ability to store and distribute energy efficiently while lowering costs makes it an ideal choice for a wide range if applications. 


Various functions of the system are responsible for managing electricity supply and demand, as well as optimizing energy consumption.

In addition to improving the reliability and operational capabilities of electric grids, on- and off-grid functions can also help reduce overall infrastructure costs.

On Grid Functions

General Scheduling

Production planning according to expected demand.


Controlling peak loads.

Peak Shaving

Peak load reduction helps lower energy bills and improve energy efficiency.

Load Shifting

Changing energy consumption patterns can help lower costs.

Renewable Integration

Offering reliable and smooth output of renewable power generation.

Spinning Reserve

In case of grid interruption or supply and demand imbalance, this service will provide instant response.

Time of use

Charging and discharging of user-defined time input.

Voltage Control

Is used to maintain the optimal operational of electric power system.

Off Grid Functions

Black Start

Restoring power in the event of a total or partial shutdown.

Frequency Regulation

Establishing and maintaining a frequency stability that is adequate to support the operation of an electric power system.

Unintteruptible Power Supply

Providing backup power in case of grid outage.

Customized Application

User defined functions

Creating customized operation mode by combining up to six functions over time periods defined by user

System Configuration



SPG Green Energy’s battery storage system is compact and can be installed in small space, reducing installation time and enabling remote control.

Therefore, with its integrated system, SPG Green Energy can operate the system remotely resulting in immediate access to system information. 


System Components

These components are designed with high efficiency technology to provide optimal system performance. They can also be used for creating custom solutions.

  • Conceived and executed by experienced battery operators, this system is designed to monitor the state of batteries and perform necessary protection actions.

This system is designed to provide reliable and safe operation of a machine. It has various operation modes that can be used for various applications.

Real-time information and data and events logs, all in accordance with IEC 60870-5-104 protocol and network security demands (Cisco ASA network firewall)

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