Silo automation: The ultimate 2 benefits

silo automation

Silo automation benefits

One of the largest industries in the South African agricultural sectors is the grain and cereal industry. According to Grain SA South Africa produces approximately 30% of the total gross value of agricultural production.

Due to the growing demand for food grains, there is a need for a better crop production process. In contemporary times automation has been used in all branches of industrial activity and this includes automation applications more and more in modern grain silo facilities.

This article highlights a step in this process as we explore the benefits of silo automation.

Silo automation: elimination of stock shortage

  •  Having silos and storage equipped with sensors allows knowing in real-time the storage volume and the stock level in a silo. This automated control followed by computer processing of collected data enables farmers to get rid of tedious and non-productive tasks, such as visual control of the filling level and order management. This system is essential to avoid any stock shortage.
  •  With the possibility of receiving alerts, the silo plant never runs out of grain. Alongside alerts, reports can be generated by software systems that create quick access to the history and traceability of stoc


Silo safety

  •  As with most industries, elimination or limitation of safety risk is greatly desired, by process of eliminating manual checking processes, such as storage volumes which are manually done by climbing great heights to check the filling levels, the risk of injury is almost completely removed.

SPG Tech: Silo automation solutions

SPG Tech provides both the software and hardware for a silo control system, with project planning and linking to instrumentation and control solutions. The software and hardware are optimally matched to the process and are completely configured and set during commissioning.

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