Automate Packaging

Top 10 Amazing Reasons to Automate Packaging ​

Often when we think of automation the manufacturing, production and assembly process comes to mind first, however it is vital to note that the ability to quickly and safely transport those products in most cost effective manner is a primary component alongside the exterior holding of the product which contributes to the packaging process.

Below we outline the top ten reasons why automating your packaging process is the investment your business needs.

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silo automation

Silo automation: The ultimate 2 benefits ​

One of the largest industries in the South African agricultural sectors is the grain and cereal industry. According to Grain SA South Africa produces approximately 30% of the total gross value of agricultural production.
Due to the growing demand for food grains, there is a need for a better crop production process. In contemporary times automation has been used in all branches of industrial activity and this includes automation application more and more in modern grain silo facilities.

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Test bench

SPG Test Bench

The primary objective of a test bench is to simulate the working condition of testing equipment. To achieve the desired conditions, optimum mechanical and hydraulic design is required alongside PLC operating electric control system and SCADA monitoring and data capturing software. Test benches verify theories, devices, and technologies with rigor, transparency, and as many times as deemed necessary.
SPG Tech provides the comprehensive design of the various test benches that can be utilized within different industry sectors.

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Industrial Automation

The Future of Industrial Automation

In recent years the term “Industry 4.0” had been whispered in various industrial markets, however, this year, the fourth industrial revolution is upon us and no longer a whisper but an ever-increasing roar that screams automation, communication and connectivity.

Industrial automation is perfectly poised to deliver successful digital transformation into the centre of the fourth industrial revolution. “According to the publication Fortune Business Insights, the industrial automation market worldwide reached 157.04 billion dollars in 2018 and is expected to reach 296.7 billion dollars in 2026 .”

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Feed Mill Automation

Food, food production and food packaging has been and always will be an integral part of our economic and social structure. ‘Animal feeds play a leading role in global food industry; enabling economic production of products of animal origin throughout the world…Commercial feed manufacturing generates estimated annual turnover and sales value equivalent to US$ 85 Billion[i].’

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