4 benefits to automating batching & weighing systems

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As higher outputs are aimed for in production, manual systems start failing due to inconsistencies, delayed delivery times, and complete lack of long-term efficiency. In all plants the aim is to ultimately increase yield while consuming fewer resources and the most efficient way to do so is to automate your plant by implementing automated batching and weighing systems.

Automated systems for production are in wide use today, as we immerse ourselves into industry 4.0; which “refers to a new phase in the Industrial Revolution that focuses heavily on interconnectivity, automation, machine learning, and real-time data… [And] isn’t just about investing in new technology and tools to improve manufacturing efficiency—it’s about revolutionizing the way your entire business operates and grows.[i]” The automated systems that SPG Tech can aid various plants and industries in, enable manufacturers to increase production and decrease both labour and product variations.

Why look into automating your batching and weighing systems?

4 reasons to automate batching and weighing systems

High accuracy & stability

Poor batch quality caused by inaccuracies in the blending process and possible human error means expensive materials are wasted and disposing of bad batches of product may cause irreparable reputational damage to the plant and company leading to great financial loss.  Automated batch processing effectively eliminates common human errors resulting in consistent mixtures. An accurately designed ingredient addition system works well in monitoring and controlling the addition of major, minor and micro – ingredients.

Pays for itself quickly

For any plant size, large or small operations, an automated weigh batching system covers its own cost rapidly through:

  • increased productivity
  • heightened accuracy in measurement of ingredients,
  • reduction of formulation errors
  • minimisation of product contaminates

All the above factors aid in increasing production rates and therefore, increasing the bottom line which aids in paying for the initial batching weighing automated system in a relatively short time period.

Improvement of product quality

Due to the pre-programming of measurements in major, minor and micro-ingredients, the consistency in product delivery provides a better end-product avoiding bad batch consumable products which not only cause reputational damage to the product, but also could lead to lethal consequences to consumers. Pre-formulation of the end product which can be repeated throughout the production not only removes inconsistencies in the end-product but also leads to less wastage of ingredients.

Less time-consuming

It is no secret that manual operations require increased time schedules and a lower turn-around rate with a heightened risk of human error, all these factors contribute to a slower turn-around rates for product production and waste of time in business equates loss of income. Therefore, manual batch processing is not an optimal solution for plants and companies seeking to cut costs and boost profitability. A time-saving solution is the development of an automated system that removes the manual efforts that require too much time and, ultimately are detrimental to the end-result.


SPG Tech Integration: 

Automating a plant and the introduction of system-changing procedures may cause people to jump to the conclusion that they have to diminish their existing systems and venture down an expensive path to technology. However, SPG Tech with their expertise in integration batching processes provide cost effective solutions that upgrade the entire operation that leads to increased goal of quicker turn-around times, product consistency and higher profit margins.

SPG Tech is meticulous when developing client solutions through and as with any process, planning is crucial in determining the success of the outcome. With communication with clients, SPG Tech, designs the optimum hardware based on the mechanical design provided and then develop and design software processes using SCADA that connects all possible equipment to a PLC.

All of SPG Tech’s automated system has remote access and support – bringing your plant to the industry 4.0 era with efficiency and ease.

[i] https://www.epicor.com/en-ae/resource-center/articles/what-is-industry-4-0/